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Welcome to the Canadian Paper Money Wiki!

Canadian Paper Money Forum - High/Low Lists

This website hosts the High/Low lists for the Canadian Paper Money Forum. To access the lists, click here: CPMF High/Low Lists

There are also several other registries hosted on this website that are not explicitly part of the traditional high/low lists from the forums. To access the lists, click here: Other Note Registers

Lists, Charts and Graphs

This website has assembled lots of various Lists, Charts and Graphs about Bank of Canada issues, including prefix charts, outstanding liabilities, changeovers, etc.

Several members of the Canadian numismatic community have been doggedly pursuing research on Banknote Printing and Numbering Research. You can find details of this work here.

Canadian Paper Money Encyclopedia

The Canadian Paper Money Encyclopedia is meant to be a collaborative and eventually definitive source for all sorts of information about anything related to Canadian paper money.

The following sections form part of the Canadian Paper Money Encyclopedia:

Charlton Numbers

  • Being a site very strongly associated with the Canadian Paper Money Forum, the Charlton numbering system used on this site is used with permission from Charlton Press.

The People Behind the Wiki

  • Maintaining this site and building up all of these note registers is no easy task! There are a lot of dedicated people who work hard to bring all of this to you. It is because of their volunteer efforts that this website has been made possible.