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The Canadian Paper Money Forum has a long history of tracking issued notes as seen in circulation or elsewhere. With the forum's move to YaBB2.1 in late 2005, the spreadsheet module which drove the high/low lists on the forums was no longer available. The High/Low lists were then moved on to a Wiki site hosted by one of the forum administrators. When the site crashed in late May 2008, this Wiki site was created to fill the gap. It was also moved back to the cdnpapermoney.com domain.

In late September 2009, the High/Low system has been improved again! The Serial Number Database has been created, and the High/Lows will now be automatically tracked from this utility. The Journey Series High/Low lists on this site are now out-of-date and will be slowly removed as data is imported into the SNDB. Please visit the Serial Number Database on the Canadian Paper Money Forums to report new high or low notes, or to check the current lists. Archived lists from the Birds series will remain here. Thank you!

About the lists

The high/low lists are organized by series, denomination and printing year. Each of these major categories is equivalent to a group of Charlton numbers. For example, all of the notes in the Issue of 2005, Jenkins/Dodge $10 Notes page have Charlton numbers beginning with BC-68a and include BC-68a, BC-68a-i, BC-68aA and BC-68aA-i. All printing years for each category are displayed in a single table.

Insert Replacement Notes

The Canadian Paper Money Wiki site does not track all insert replacements specifically, but we do list confirmed insert ranges in the High/Low Lists. Confirmed insert ranges are those which appear either in the most recent edition of the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money, in the lists published by Gilles Pomerleau, or in the Canadian Paper Money Society Newsletter. This information is reproduced with permission. Unconfirmed insert ranges are those for which written confirmation has not been obtained. These ranges are NOT recorded on the Wiki site.

This site does maintain registers for selected ranges of Canadian Journey Series replacement notes. You can find these lists at the below link. To suggest additional registers, or to submit a note that you have, email wiki@cdnpapermoney.com.

Which Notes are Tracked?

Only notes which are approaching the following points are tracked:

  • 0,000,000
  • 9,999,999
  • Bank of Canada confirmed series, signature or printing year changeovers
  • The Serial Number Database tracks ALL Canadian Journey series banknotes and automatically generates High/Low tables that you're used to seeing. We track all notes because they are important to many current and future research projects. Only the current high and low notes are displayed on H/L tables.

Canadian Journey Series

Birds of Canada Series

$20 Notes

$1000 Notes