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This page can be prettied up later, but for now, here are a bunch of conventions I'd like to stick to:

Page Names

  • Include the following, in order:
    • Charlton # (In the case of multiple #s, use only the issuer code and the issue # (ie: BC-37))
    • Year
    • Denomination
    • Description
  • Note that you can use whatever is suitable for the name of a link, but page names should be consistent with this formatting.
    • [[BC-46aA 1973 $1 *FH Replacement Notes|*FH Replacement Notes]] is OK
  • For modern, unidentifiable replacement notes, include the range as it appears in the Charlton guide
  • Good: BC-46aA 1973 $1 *FH Replacement Notes
  • Bad: *FH Replacement Notes
  • Good: PC-2 1866 $1 Notes
  • Bad: 1866 Notes
  • Good: BC-55 1986 $2 AUG Changeover Register
  • Bad: AUG $2 Changeover Registry
  • Good: BC-67aA 2006 $5 AOH (9.540-9.544) Replacement Notes
  • Bad: BC-67aA 2006 $5 AOH Replacement Notes

Date Formats

  • Always use one of the following date formats, depending on how much data is available:
    1. yyyy (eg: 2008)
    2. mmm yyyy (eg: Jan 2008)
    3. dd-mmm-yyyy (eg: 01-Jan-2008)

Heritage Auctions

  • Always use the {{Heritage}} template. See the template page for more information.

National Currency Collection

  • Always use the {{NCC}} template. See the template page for more information.
  • Never include data for condition, value or date for items in the NCC
    • Use colspan to span a single table cell over multiple columns
    • Refer to an existing entry for an example

Other Auctions

  • Use a short name for the auction, followed by the lot number in brackets
  • (eg: JHA Auction (#123))
  • Include the sale date, not the current date
  • Include the final sale price, including buyer's premium (if known), not the estimate

TPG Graded Notes

  • Always use the grade assigned on the note holder, abbreviated, with the abbreviation of the TPG company
    • (eg: PMG C.Unc 64)

Resurfaced Notes

  • If a note appears in the registry and comes up again for public sale, it should get an additional entry in the register. DO NOT DELETE OLD DATA


  • Include commas separating groups of digits
  • Include the currency code if not denominated in CAD
  • Include cents only if applicable
  • Use the following number formats:
    1. $5,000
    2. $5,000.75
    3. USD$5,000
  • If there are no price values available, type "$0" as the value


  • Tables can be tricky to understand, so a line-by-line example is provided below.
{| id="register"
  • This is the first line of a table definition
  • {| starts the table
  • id="register" tells the table to use some predefined standard formatting for this site
  • Additional attributes can be placed here, just like an HTML <table> tag
  • |- starts a new row
  • Additional attributes can be placed here, just like an HTML <tr> tag
!City, Prov
  • ! indicates a column header, and is automatically bolded an centered, along with other special formatting provided by id="register" above
  • Starting another row
||'''[[cpmf:6777|EJG]]'''||2006||Low||0,000,000||&nbsp;||Toronto, ON
  • || starts or separates a table cell.
  • Cells can be merged (or spanned) with additional code. Look for an example in the registers and copy it
  • If you need a cell to remain empty, use &nbsp; instead.
  • Starting another row
||EJG||2006||High||9,999,999||&nbsp;||Ottawa, ON
  • Another row
  • |} ends a table

CPMF Links

  • [[cpmf:1234]]
is equivalent to:
  • []
  • Use this shortcut to HL threads on the forums. Eg: [[cpmf:6777|EJG]]
Prefix Printed H/L Serial Notes City, Prov
EJG 2006 Low 0,000,000 Toronto, ON
EJG 2006 High 9,999,999 Ottawa, ON

Image Standards

All banknote images on the CPMWiki are to meet the following standards:


  • Charlton #
  • Serial number (including check letters, without asterisks, slashes or spaces)
  • F for face, R for reverse, nothing for both sides in one image
  • Good: BC-46aA_FH1234567_F.jpg
  • Bad: 1973 FH replacement note.jpg

Physical Dimensions

Small-Sized Notes (eg: Bank of Canada):

  • Maximum width of 430px

Large-Sized Notes (eg: Dominion of Canada, Chartered Banks):

  • Maximum width of 520px


  • Maximum width of 325px

TPG Holders:

  • Maximum width of 600px

File Format

  • All images should be in JPG format

Other Attributes

  • One-pixel black (#000000) border around the outside of the image
  • Images should be cropped close to the edge of the banknote with a minimum of extra space around the edges
  • Images should be rotated such that the note is aligned straight with the edges


Consistency is paramount! People who visit this site expect to see things laid out in a similar manner across all note registers, not a mish-mash of different layouts and formats. Please adhere to these standards whenever it is reasonably possible to do so.

Do Your Best

We're not all experts at this Wiki thing, but it's a learning process. (That's why this page exists too!)

If you find that you need help with something, do the best you can, and ask for help. If someone is not available by instant messenger for assistance right away, you should leave notes on the page stating what kind of work is required.

For example (articles):

{{Cleanup|notes=*Add CPMF links
 *Merge city and prov columns}}
This page may require cleanup to meet the CPMWiki's quality standards.
Please improve this article if you can.
  • Add CPMF links
  • Merge city and prov columns

For example (images):

{{ImageCleanup|notes=*Crop excess blank space
This image may require work to meet the CPMWiki's quality standards.
Please edit the image and upload a new version if you can.
  • Crop excess blank space
  • Resize

The Bottom Line