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Bank of Canada Prefix Tables

Since 1937, the Bank of Canada has more or less followed a very well-defined system of prefixes for their banknotes. This system is comprised of a denomination letter, a series letter, and since the mid-1980s, a printer letter.

Also, the same data is available in a different presentation format, this time as a list of all Bank of Canada prefixes by denomination.

Bank of Canada Note Liabilities

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The Bank of Canada periodically issues a table of all outstanding banknotes, by actual number of notes, and by monetary value. The most recent lists, with data from 2008, are available from the following page:

Canadian Journey Series Changeovers

Since the Canadian Journey Series was introduced with the $10 note in 2001, there have been many changeovers from the Knight/Thiessen signatures to Knight/Dodge to Jenkins/Dodge, and there have been many printing year changeovers. There are also several short prefixes. All are detailed in the Journey Series Changeovers list.

Signatures on Bank of Canada Notes

All Bank of Canada notes bear the signatures of the Governor and Sr. Deputy Governor of the Bank. The people holding these positions changed from time to time, and thus the notes issued by the Bank changed to include the signatures of the current senior staff.

Serial Number Barcode Formats

Beginning with the first Birds of Canada series banknotes in 1986, barcodes have been found adjacent to the serial numbers on the back of the notes. There is a pattern to these barcodes which is common on all notes since then.

Auctioneer Abbreviations

The various note registers in use throughout this site employ a series of abbreviations to refer to auctioneers that sold various notes. The Auctioneer Abbreviation List helps you figure out who is who.