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Here is a listing of the volunteers who make this site happen. All of these people are 100% volunteers. This website does not generate any income and nobody receives any payment for their time and efforts expended to make this website what it is and provide the services that it does.


The Administrator is the person primarily responsible for the site as a whole. Although actual editing work is somewhat infrequent, a lot of the Administrator's time is spent maintaining all of the other bits and pieces that make life easier for guests, contributors and other editors on this site.

  • BWJM

Wiki Editors

Wiki Editors actively pursue not so much a contributory role as a maintenance and organizational role. Editors monitor the changes made by Contributors and ensure that they are following a consistent set of formatting and layout guidelines across the entire site. Editors fix spelling mistakes and typos, clean up graphics to ensure that they are well-cropped, aligned straight, etc., and assist Contributors in making updates to the site. Editors are to the Wiki as moderators are to the forums. Wiki Editors should have some knowledge of editing webpages or Wiki pages, or at least a strong aptitude for learning how. Editors should also have a very strong attention to detail, and a high standard for quality and consistency across the site. Novice graphics editing abilities are also highly valuable.

  • 1971HemiCuda
  • StormThief24

Wiki Contributors

Wiki Contributors are those volunteers who actively monitor various auction companies, eBay, and/or dealer inventories for the trade of notes which are tracked in the registers and they update the registers with their findings. Contributors can monitor a variety of sources, or just a couple. They can track a large number of note varieties, or just a few that are of particular interest to them. Either way, you are contributing the information you find to the collective knowledge of the Canadian paper money community. You do not need any special skills to be a Wiki Contributor, but being at least slightly familiar with editing webpages or Wiki pages is certainly an asset.

  • Cbeaulieu
  • Elwoodbluesca
  • eyevet
  • Fenian
  • freedomschoice
  • gus5pin
  • johnny99
  • kid_kc79
  • Mortgage Guy
  • Newfie Nightmare
  • Oli1001
  • Wizard1
  • Yuman